This page does not give a complete survey of my professional activities; it allows retrieval of a few special documents that are related to my professional activities.

  • description of my education activity DA262.doc about minimax;
  • description of my education activity DA201.doc about timing circuits;
  • article about a previous version of timing circuits; this contains everything you always wanted to know about astable multivibrators amv.doc;
  • powerpoint sheets used in 2008 for "product semantics in context" describing my commutative product semantics commutative.ppt and steps towards an axiomatic aproach axiomatic.ppt;
  • older powerpoint sheets on semiotics used in my "product semantics", together with Appleby; it has note pages, so best open in Powerpoint: newsemiotics2005.ppt. Appleby's sheets: SemioticsAssignment.pdf
  • the award Kees Overbeeke and I got from the JSSD, the Japanese Society for Science of Design:
  • photographs of visits of honoured guests from Hong Kong Polytechnic University (April 22,2004): HongkongGuests.jpg. From left to right Prof. Leung Tin-pui, Prof. YEUNG Kowk-wing, myself, Prof. W.B. Lee, Chris H.C. Wong and Yuechen Qian. Our research presentation is at researchHK.ppt
  • photographs of visits of honoured guests from National University of Singapore (April 22, 2004): SingaporeGuests.jpg. From left to right: HU jun, GOH Tong Ngee, myself, TANG Loon Ching, Wong Yoke San, CHAI Kah Hin and at the computer: Yuechen Qian.